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Hi-Gear diesel injector cleaner

The longer the engine runs, the more dirt builds up inside it. Carbon deposits, soot deposits, resins, sludge, decomposition products - all this complicates the normal operation of the system. As a result, the car starts to function worse, loses in power. If the process is started, the case may end in breakdown and repair. Therefore, all systems inside the vehicle must be cleaned, injectors are no exception. And for this it is not necessary to send the car to a service center. For example, the Hi-Gear Diesel Injector Cleaner, when used regularly, effectively fights all sorts of deposits. Find more here: best fuel injector cleaner


What is it for


Hi-Gear Diesel Injector Cleaner is a modern chemical agent that can quickly and efficiently clean diesel injector nozzles, even from old dirt. This ensures the normal operation of the system and prolongs the life of the injectors.


In addition, the cleaner has a whole bunch of "side" effects - no less beneficial than the main action. So, it is necessary to combat the formation of plugs, to reduce the risk of corrosion and scuffing, to neutralize moisture and some other functions. For example, some Hi-Gear products not only clean the injectors, but also have a conditioning effect, neutralize harmful substances, renew the engine and increase its power.


Purpose and compatibility


Hi-Gear Injector Cleaner is designed to clean and maintain injector nozzles for diesel engines to increase their service life and performance. Improves atomization, dynamic movement of the fuel mixture. All products in the series are compatible with catalytic converters and turbochargers. Many of them have also successfully passed compatibility and safety tests specifically for Russian cars.


This agent is used both in passenger cars, vans, medium trucks and heavy trucks.


1. An additive for cleaning nozzles, as a rule, has a complex effect and performs not only cleaning, but also some other functions. This is what the drug has on the fuel system and its individual components:restoration of the shape of the fuel spray torch;

2. improving the dynamics of fuel combustion;

3. effective cleaning and prevention of carbon deposits in the combustion chamber;

4. lubricating effect;

5. prevention of wear and tear;

6. prevention of metal corrosion;

7. ease of starting the engine;

8. preventing the formation of congestion in the system;

9. fuel savings;

10. reducing the harmfulness of exhaust gases;

11. suppression of the growth of harmful bacteria in the tank;

12. increasing the power and dynamics of the vehicle;

13. reduction of noise and vibration in engine operation;

14. reduction of engine smoke;

15. increasing the comfort of driving.

Thus, it is possible not only to clean the injectors without flushing them, but also to obtain a whole range of useful properties, improve engine performance, and increase its power and efficiency.




Instructions for using this tool are not complicated. This drug is poured into more than half the empty fuel tank of a diesel vehicle before refueling. Then the car is refueled as usual. You need to ride to the reserve. Repeat cleaning every 1500, 3000 or 5000 km (for "Synthetic Cleaner of Injectors and Tuning for Diesel"), in accordance with the instructions attached to the tool.

Some of the products in the series are intended for single use - that is, one bottle is equal to one application, it is poured into the tank completely. Others (particularly those with SMT or ER conditioners) are multi-application and come packaged with a dedicated dosing tank. It helps to measure the amount of substance needed for one application.